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The app that pushes you to write more.

Writing a novel? Blogging? Thesising? NanoWriMo-ing? Whatever it is that you're working on, Writeometer gently reminds you to keep going. Let no story languish unfinished; let no writing project gather dust (not if you don't want it to). It's the perfect pocket companion to help you stay on track to finishing and maintain a daily writing habit. Create something every day.

Meet the app.

Behold the anti-procrastination timer! With twenty-five minutes ticking away, impose upon yourself the urge to spill those words!


Watch your progress creep ever upwards. Whether you had a great writing day or suffered blocks a-plenty, jot it down in your log.


Ink not flowing? Language not forthcoming? The Thesaurus and Word Salad will summon words onto the tip of your tongue. Really.